How did Miauz come about?

I followed the normal course of any university student, graduated in human resources management, and took a master's degree in marketing.

I worked many years in marketing. And very unintentionally I started selling things over the internet. It was 2013, and online stores in Portugal were rare.

It all started because I was offered a ring, which oxidized in 2/3 days and was expensive. I thought it was surreal for such an expensive piece to go dark so quickly.

I noticed that most of the jewelry offered was like that, it turned black, green, oxidized quickly. So I started looking for jewelry products that would last a lifetime. I accidentally started selling online.

Each week that passed I liked the freedom of being able to decide everything more, of being able to present whatever I wanted to my clients. The store grew very fast, and more and more of my free time was spent improving the store.

It made me happy, without realizing it, I fell in love with this project. And all my free time was with him.

I had a good job, and the hard decision to say goodbye came, it took me 1 year to make that decision, I was terrified that everything would go wrong.

Luck and death. So my decision was made, and here I am 10 years later.

Over the years, I managed to improve suppliers, and make several dreams come true, not only selling clothes that I loved, but also starting to create my first collections.